Ms Veronica,

First you are a creative genius! Thank you for the beautiful work you have done with my new branding look. It means so much to have awesome women like you understand my vision and be able to communicate with accuracy.  If you have ever doubted the gift you have and how it can impact this world..well never doubt again.  You are simply phenomenal! Your eye and creative thought process is most valuable to me and others your gift has touched. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s a BIG HUG!
Nicole S., Peacthree City, GA

Way to go Veronica and team. I must say from strategy to creative and now production you have been on the ball.  There is a Grand Canyon sized difference between knowing and doing.  You, my upstate friend, bridge the gap with the greatest of ease.  Thank you for your commitment, honesty and leadership.  Respect, Ahmad.

Ahmad A., Atlanta, GA

VF [by] Design takes everything that everyone loves and makes it a must have, simply due to the attention given to detail. The simple “thank you” with the heart below not only is an eye-catching design, it also relates genuineness to the recipient without going overboard. That’s a common thread in all of the designs seen in all of VF [by] Design products…

Jason F., Greenville, SC

I love VF by Design because the company is forward thinking, creative and innovative, inspiring. Owning one of your products or giving one as a give is always special.

Dawn S., Jamaica, NY

It is the OFFICIAL release of our new LOGO! It was divinely inspired and designed by our own Veronica Franklin (VF Designs). She unselfishly gave of her services to advance the kingdom and she has blessed us tremendously! I am so thankful to God for her as she understood and understands the vision and has supported our efforts in not only words but with action. I highly recommend her for all of your advertising and graphics needs! She is beyond professional, talented, but most of all patient. She anticipates your needs before you do. This woman is bad y’all! Veronica, I love you and I honor you as a mighty woman of God. I know you will never be in lack…your barns will always overflow as you understand the principle of blessed to be a blessing! Love you immensely.

Yolanda D., Dallas, GA